Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The music when starting up Twinbrook is gorgeous. (Impressions article!)

It's a very gentle theme as the camera pans across the hood. I love it.

Hairstyles seem to have a sheen on them that I don't recall them having before. It looks nice.

The game automatically sets your sim to an underwear state when putting on tattoos, which is a very nice alternative to having to manually switch to it to use accessory tattoos!

Not sure if intentional, but individual tattoo layers cannot have separate opacities. This is odd.

Tattoo positioning is a bit odd, as the chest options are only "Chest" and "Belly Button" and you cannot move things left/right/up/down. So nothing goes on the pecs, jsut the center of the chest. Tramp stamps are not low enough to be trampy ;-; A tattoo situated on the left/right would have to be made to specifically do so.

Literally all the new male adult clothes...are aprons, hahaha.

I gave my sim the eccentric trait. After a second of calculations, he said "EURONKA!". D'aww.

The icons in Edit Town view are different. They're smoother and shinier.

The very first time I EVER get a challenge when moving into a house. How crazy is that?

The house I moved into has a thin, foundation height floor on top. When deleted with the sledgehammer, it leaves holes, like with a foundation, but I see no tool to create such a thing. 

My game settings appear to be on all low, even when they are not. :( I fixed this.

CASTing floor edges and cielings? Badass!

Things like the Neighborhood Grill-a-Thon seem to be CONSTANTLY visible when happening. Their icon appears on the edge of the screen, I mean. Not sure if this is supposed to happen.

Dramatic sims can fake passing out on demand :D

The lake is GORGEOUS. Something about the water seems different. It is not the texture beneath it, as beneath this water is a huge gap, with grassy/mossy ground at the bottom.

Getting a makeover gives you a random new outfit- which stays saved in your sim's outfits! You can switch between it and your original at will. I am not a fan of the limp-wristed animations for the stylist, but the animations in general are cute.

Some cute townies and decoration:

Some of the fog emmiters in the world are poorly placed- they float way up high and are basically thin sheets, yo u can only see them from above. Most are GORGEOUS, though.

There are lots of cool things in BuyDebug which imply that you can get lots of cute decorative rewards! Which is awesome, since you never did get rewarded much for accomplishments. I won't spoil what's in there, though. 

Lighting seems enhanced all over the place. Even just being outside is gorgeous, this is probably what was different about the water.

The Music is very nice. There's lots of really sweet sounding buy/build music, sounds a bit...not sure how to describe it. It's nice.

I am going to try and put my non-hack mods back in. I'm going to make a sim to actually PLAY instead of just look at cool stuff. :p 

 MODS: Using the mods folder in the documents folder, you get a compatability warning when the game loads. Convenient! You can ignore it. CONVENIENT AS HELL! 

Custom Content loaded from this folder has an icon on it! It's the folder icon, which is a bit annoying, but the existence of an icon is nice.This applies to CAS too, which is also very convenient. :D

My SavedSims are still intact, faces, too, even without slider mods. I am going to use Selphie Porter:

But first, a makeover!

 She rolled an Architect want, and as such, I will try that out. I haven't seen anyone giving architect impressions yet.

Selphie movied into a blank lot on...on...on a street! A REAL STREET! With grass between the sidewalk and the road!

 Selphie wants to be an architect, but will her self-built house push clients away? I actually love this house and think it fits the town, so far.

It's cute. :D

Her career is off to a FANTASTIC start as she overblows her budget and can't afford a living room, dining table, bedroom, or drafting table, instead opting to make some cash by sculpting.

Selphie's First sculpture is a random statue from the game, except low detail and made of clay. She sells it for a whopping 33 dollars. Now that she has the sculpting skill, she can register as a self-employed sculptor. But she is not going to do this.

She instead buys a drafting table! Sims can PAINT, Study architectural design, and fiddle with fashion with this. Painting! That's weird!

Instead, she "researches architectural design"...by...drawing very detailed pictures of buildings? Ok, sure.

Selphie finishes...and...gets...a painting skill point. Well, that was unexpected. I have no idea how to become an architect! Apparently you use the paper. Selphie is now an architect,b ut there are currently no jobs :(

Speaking of jobs, sims can take unpaid time off using their phone!

When a sim gets a job, they get a popup with all the information. The speaking sim has a portrait displayed and a text bubble, it's cute!


 I was summoned to make an art studio. REQUIREMENTS: Easel, Dining Chair, Desk, Painting, Rug.



I took some liberties. I used the dining chair as a chair for posing a sim, I added walls, and I changed the wall/floor of the room in general. The sim liked what I did!

PORTFOLIO PICTURES can only be taken with your camera. Meaning if you only have a cell phone, your pictures will be tiny. If you have a low photography skill, they may be blurry! Photography is integrated into architectural design, even though it isn't required.

I started another job. "It is my dream to one day write witty text for a video game! But first I need a writing room.". The humor is there, and it is still great.

INTERMISSION: Random screenshots



  1. To stlye the ceiling you just need to select a floor and put the camera so that you can see the ceiling, and start putting the floors where you want, it's just like the ground, but upside-down. :P

  2. Thanks for this post. Even though I can't play the game myself, reading about it is at least helping me pass the time until my download finishes.

  3. Thank you! I didn't even think of that, but it works and is FANTASTIC.

  4. Ooh, I always loved Selphie, forgot about her till now though :-) Thanks for posting! I think I like Twinbrook a whole lot better than Sunset Valley and Riverview, looks like they spent more time to make it realistic and detailed. But I haven't played Ambitions yet, so I guess we'll see...I'll definitely be watching the blog a bit more now.

  5. "Speaking of jobs, sims can take unpaid time off using their phone!"

    Yessssss. This is the thing I missed most from Sims 2, being able to call off work.

  6. Any hints for getting the startup music to actually work? I hear the annoying base game music whenever. *grumble* stupid disc. *misses awesomemod*

  7. It will just pop up randomly with the WA and Base Game music, I think.

  8. This is so helpful Claeric, thanks. I feel like it's the hype for the Sims 3 base game all over again... with all the exciting screenshots and reviews and impressions. The architect job looks so cool, and I love that it's not
    "flat" like other jobs, if you know what I mean (get job performance up, go up a level, repeat.)

    You have such a careful eye, which is very nice in a reviewer. I love that you pay such attention to detail, down to how even the water looks. Your screenshot taking skills aren't shabby either. Thanks a bundle :)

  9. The neighborhood looks really nice. I can't wait to play, but I'm waiting until at least AM is updated. I have around 25 smaller tuning mods that probably need to be updated as well.

    I have a few questions if you don't mind. When you put the files in the new Mods folder, what should the resource.cfg say in it? My last one I downloaded, but it points to my old Mods folder, so I know it won't work. Also, can you have the files in sub folders? I have my files sorted like I have a folder for hair, one for objects, etc. so would they work like that?

    Also, I have like 4 of your mods (WorkingOutPoses, UrnstonesMourningAndWealth, ToiletChanges and BetterBenefits_Renault) and I was wondering if they'd need to be updated to work with Ambitions.

  10. Just copy your resource file into the mods folder, but edit it so that it doesnt say mods/packages, but just packages. Leave everything the same. Then put a packages folder in the mods folder and put your files there. Subfolders work.

    I have no idea if any of my mods work. I have not tried any mods.

  11. "Anonymous said...

    Any hints for getting the startup music to actually work? I hear the annoying base game music whenever."
    If I'm not mistaken I think you can assign tunes to various areas of the game in your Options settings. The names of the songs are listed and you can preview them before assigning one to a section such as CAS or building mode.

  12. Nice preview Claeric, thanks for this. We don't get Ambitions released here in the UK until Friday for some reason - from what I've seen and heard so far, it sounds like it might actually be good, so am looking forward to it!

  13. Claeric, if you're not using any mods, how have you been accessing the game without a disc? I thought you downloaded a free copy?