Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok, any of you have ANY idea what's up with this?

I don't really know where to ask, so I'll just ask here. Can't ask on MTS .

I am consistently getting clients who tell me they "Cannot live in this squalor" when I renovate their homes. I do not have any idea what this means, and I can't seem to rectify it when it happens. A google search...brings up Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher as the first result. :p

Anybody know?


  1. I would recommend making sure you have placed in all the walls and floors. Also make sure that you have wallpaper and floor tiles. Check the list on the side and double check to make sure you have everything that they asked for. If all else fails maybe it is a bug that will be fixed when EAxis releases their patch soon.

  2. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this, all my walls and floors are placed, roof is there, I even fixed what was originally out of place and I still get "I cannot live in this squalor blah blah blah", I cannot get a success even with decor suited to the sim and I don't know what to do?!

  3. Nyxia_brightbladeJune 3, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    Argh! I'm in the same position! TS3 forum wouldn't let me post a new thread, so I stuck the question in the glitch thread yesterday.

    I just thought of something I haven't tried yet, not sure if you already have, that the ceilings are now recolourable and I didn't do them! Will try it later today to see if it works.

  4. I solved it on one lot. I dont know which thing it was, but I got the message, then did the following:

    Added a bed (lot didnt have one)
    Added more lights
    Colored the walls on the inside of a Frieze, which were not colored at all

  5. I recently read a preview article by blackgarden ( There, she writes the following:
    "Before your Sim starts the redesign, it may pay off to get to know your client a bit. Learn some of their traits and you might be able to provide them with a design that suits them better. A computer whiz might not have specified that they wanted a computer in their new living room, but you know they'll thank you for it. Your Sim can also "measure up" the house that's to be redesigned. This is just a little interaction that they do, and it has no real effect except that it will boost the final score for the redesign."

    Maybe this is helpful to you :)

  6. I'm having the same issue with every renovation I've tried. It seems like a bug, but while there are reports of it out there, it doesn't appear to be pervasive, so I feel like there must be something I'm missing, but all walls/floors are covered, required objects are added, I'm catering to the client's traits, and I'm using up my budget. I don't know what else to do.

  7. Nyxia_brightbladeJune 3, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Absolutely nothing is working for me >< Now the forums on TS3 won't load at all, no answers to similar questions on MTS or Yahoo answers. Wah!

  8. I read somewhere that adding walls when the word "addition" is not in the description=sims hating a room. I have had a bit of success with the career by making my sim observant, measuring, and talking to the client about renovation. Also adding in my own paintings and sculptures helped a lot.

  9. I got this error and finally licked it. I'd deleted too many lights and a bed I thought wasn't necessary. I'm going to have to watch that in the future.