Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Chance Gas Station

This lot was built for my World, The Wraithsands. It's the one and only gas station along the main highway. It's another semi-decorative "atmosphere" lot.

There's not much going on inside. It's just a gas station. :\ There's a nectary register, a food register...

Some coffee machines by the entrance...

A garage door, should someone need a tire change or something, and some couches easily pushed aside, used for TV and video games, since there's not much to do in the desert, and people hang out here.

It's best suited for a lot that has a road on either side. You probably don't have a lot the exact size as this one, but if it's just a bit bigger, it's easy to expand the asphalt. Or you can just remove the arrows.

And here's a closer shot of the pumps. These can be turned on (since they're on a different level than ground level, sims won't watch them) and it looks like advertisements on old pumps fitted with fancy new screens.

Size 40x24, so it's suited fine to one of the numerous 40x30 lots most worlds have.

Requires world adventures and nothing else!


  1. please check my comments on the abandoned since lab. Also, consider making a 'community lots' tag instead of sticking gas stations under houses. xD

  2. This lot gave me one of those "wow" moments when I first moved into The Wraithsands. Those gas pumps were a clever surprise. And using the proper save game file, it works as a coummunity lot for me so...not sure what the previous poster is on about--he or she must have seen the partial version in the bare world file. I did not realize you made a since lab. Since when? Oh yeah, now I see it...wonder what those creepy since experiments were. ;p --Rainbow Unicorn Girl

  3. Ahh, nevermind, I see...they mean the label given to this lot in your blog. Yes, it's under "houses". My bad. He blinded me with since. Rainbow Unicorn Girl...ummm which gives me the acronym of R.U.G. I'd best rethink that one.