Monday, March 29, 2010


I made some paintings! Are they good? I don't know! Do you want them? Probably not! Do I care? Nope!

Angsty Teens can now pin up a poster of their ultra favorite band, Antlers Always. Or they can get a framed portrait of the embodiment of their teenage frustrations!

More regal sims who are sick of the dark and lonely portraits of poofy-shirted past people can throw that away and add some zaniness to their homes with this odd painting of a mysterious Antlered woman from the PAST! She looks kinda like a lady in some band but the old folks don't know anything about that. I wonder if they're the same person.

Or maybe you just want another set of pictures for your wall.

WACKY pictures of someone making four, CRAZY faces! Keep your eyes peeled, because I might be doing something special with this idea~

First photos I've made, definitely not the last. They might not appeal to many people, but eh. I need more wall art! The frames are NOT included, they will have the defaults. But you can just CAST them.

Zip contains all 4, but in individual packages, so you can pick and choose.


  1. Hahah I absolutely love these. Almost as much as I love your commentary. You're my new favourite blogger.

  2. I love them and I shall download them all!