Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Tomb: Abandoned Research Facility

This is a very simple tomb I threw together to play with a building concept. It is very short and very simple, and the treasures are what I chose them to be simply because they are objects I like having on display and do not like wasting time finding.

The outside of this lot is ugly. It is hideous. It is horrible. I don't even want to post the picture, it is embarassing how little effort went into it, but I am completely truly at a loss with it. I am not good at exteriors. Especially rectangular ones.

I had no idea what to do with it since I was so focused on the immediate insides, and so I didn't...really...try. I shouldn't admit that, but it's true. The outside is pretty bad. Think of it as a do-it-yourself-er I guess. <_<; Sorry, I really lost all inspiration with the outside. This is another example of "I made this for me, but you can have it too if you want", so I didn't try too hard to make the outside presentable. But I think the inside makes up for it!


At nighttime some eery lights can be seen inside. Come back when it's daytime so there's more light.

Nothing too's just a lobby, right? What's so- OH MY GOD WHAT

Well. Looks like. Uh. The floor collapsed. And the basement flooded. What the heck?

There's...vats of green glowing goo down there, and it looks like there's even some fish.

And computers...and a chemical preparation area? What did they research here?

Well, you gotta figure that out for yourself. Hidden away is a staircase to a sub-basement, which is *not* flooded. :p And there you'll find some cute little allusions to what supposedly went on in this place and some nice treasure. There's one puzzle that might be hard to recognize, but you'll figure it out.

Spoilers for treasure: The only real treasure here are quite a few pieces of very expensive Tiberium, and some Dive Well Fragments. There's also some seeds, and a bit of nectar, and uh there might be a mummy. Maybe. This is NOT a very well-rounded tomb, as one short visit will make your sim pretty rich. But I like Tiberium as decoration, and I like having a dive well in the yard, so that's why you get what you get. The fish, by the way, are deathfish.

The basement is nicer to look at than the outside, but the main focus of this lot was the concept of the collapsed floor and flooded basement. It'd be nice to see someone make an apocalyptic lot with such things, but that's not my deal and so I didn't do it myself. :p

Just a quick lot to play with a concept. It's 35x25, so it'll fit lots of places.

When placing the lot, change it to "No Visitors Allowed". There are some triggers inside meant for you, not NPCs, and you don't want them ruining them. I can't seem to get the lot to save this designation as "no visitors" when exported so you have to do it yourself.

Requires nothing but WA.

Enjoy. :D


  1. This is freaking beautiful Claeric! Love it! I kinda like how the outside looks rather plain, gives it more of a creepy abandoned research lab feel.

  2. I also think that this is good. I am so gonna DOWNLOAD it!:D

  3. I messed around with it some and found 2 issues. A- The hidden door wasn't discoverable. That's an easy enough fix... but I could NOT fix some weird issue that turned the bottom room into sim swallowing quicksand. They sank through the floor and would keep sinking no matter what I tried to do, unless I made them go back upstairs again.

  4. The hidden door is not supposed to be discoverable. You have to unlock the discoverability and you clearly did not do that.

    The other issue has to do with using move-objects, it breaks the way sims interact with the world and they cannot distinguish one floor from another, so they sink between the two when routing.

  5. The TV was supposed to trigger it to open... which did not happen. At least if I was reading the signs correctly. I turned in on and off about 5 times. And I'm not sure what you mean by the last part, because I honestly had never used move objects in that world. It was a new (and mostly empty) map, And all that was in the world was a couch on the 'home' lot, and your lot.

    Is there any way to possibly stop the sinking? Because the tomb is impossible with it. Even teleporting the sim to some place in the room, as soon as they move, they start sinking again. It is annoying.

  6. The TV is not supposed to trigger it to open. It triggers it to unlock, not be discoverable.

    The sinking is not my issue, I have never had it.

  7. I've had this sinking problem once before on a different lot, it's just a weird glitch or something. It went away for me when I restarted the game. You must just be unlucky.

  8. So it's been a year since anyone has posted on this, so you might not read it, but I absolutely love this idea and would love to download it...except the link is no longer working. You see, MediaFire says they removed it because it "violated" some of their rules. I tried a few times and it went to this every time. Any ideas? Have you uploaded somewhere else, or perhaps can upload it again and change the link?

  9. But i want to play! Where can i download?

  10. It's... It's almost Aperture!! >8U /so much want

  11. I would love to download this is well, but the link is no longer working. :C