Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Paintings!


This time, we've got more goth stuff...

A tasteful poster of the horrible murderer monster Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, hanging out in a field with a rainbow. From within that hunk of metal grafted onto his head can come a long tongue which can impale stuff! Adorable! And a poster of Jack Skellington!

For more artsy and minimalist sims, a photo that could be mistaken for a window, or a tiny terrarium embedded in the wall. Upon closer inspection, it's actually a fish tank landscaped to look like a hill and river. And on even closer inspection, it's a photo, not actually embedded in the wall! Fool your friends!

Some earth tones in the form of an image of Mabase, the town from the anime FLCL. The town's gigantic Medical Meccanica plant, in the shape of an iron, is represented by an actual iron. It's modern AND traditional!

And lastly,

A sleek modern little number in the form of a simple drawing of The Windfish's Egg, from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Within this egg rests the windish, and within the mind of the Windfish rests the island of Koholint, and within the island of Koholint rests this egg. Trippy!

These ones are a bit more traditional and will probably have more appeal. Note that I did not make any of the images, I simply used them as paintings. I think they make fantastic paintings! Hopefully you do, too.

Zip contains all individual packages.


  1. Oh, that Pyramid Head poster just slays me. <3

  2. I had a giggle when I saw the FLCL one, enough so that i had to come here and verify that's really what it was. ;oP

  3. Happy fun Pyramid head time! :p Epic. I have these between my old boring paintings right now.