Sunday, March 28, 2010

Queens Manor- Maxis Match Desert "Manor"

No, not "Queen's". Just Queens. This home is very loosely based, on the outside at least, on a home in the Playstation 2 game Dark Cloud. In the city of Queens were homes kinda like this, and one had a cool outdoor parking spot that was the focus when building this house. Obviously I abandoned it as the focus, but it's still pretty cool :p

I'm still in the habit of trying to be unconventional with what I build. So this home has some things I'm not used to putting in homes! Like a sitting room, two front doors, Rooms accessed externally, balconies, etc. The entire upstairs can only be accessed from the outside and the "kids room" can only be accessed from the balcony.

The house opens to a sitting room and a kitchen.

Which leads to a cozy living area. I tried to make a couple of "nooks" in this house. Here's nook number one, the computer area.

Getting upstairs requires the stairs outside. To the right of them is the trash area, and to the left is a bit of external storage.

And at the top is nook number 2, a small seating area.

The master bedroom:

And to get to the children's room, one must go through nook 3: The balcony.

And in the kids room is nook 4: The bed has a canopy over it to make it feel more cozy(more than a 3x3 room, at least.)

As you can see, there's lots of space around it. Garden? Pool? Whatever. It's big enough for either!

It's 35x30. It's on the center of a lot so it can't be ruined by being put on a bigger lot, should you try and put it near a road or something. Just over 52k furnished and just under 34k unfurnished.

Absolutely no custom content, requires WA. :D


  1. The screenshot for "Nook #2" ( is absolutely stunning.

    And seeing as I'm not an elder british male fashion magazine editor, "stunning" doesn't cross my lips all that often.

    Looks straight out of Indiana Jones...

  2. That would be my recently uploaded world + "Darker nights and longer shadows" + convenient weather just happening to make the sky pink. :D

  3. What combination of these? I'm dyin' to get that exact lighting. It's beautiful.

    Less Blue Nights / Accurate Outdoor Shadows v1.2
    by dDefinder

    (Any news on the possibility of that music XML mod?)

  4. I am using the basic "Less Blue Nights", and the "Longer Shadows".

    As for the mod, its not something I could do :p