Monday, March 29, 2010

Special offer: Custom Photo Series

Want a series of photos like this of your favorite sim?

Then take 4 photos of said sim you'd like to see and upload them somewhere for me, and I'll make one for you. But only for the first 3 people who post their pictures! You are excluded if your pictures suck. :p

This is a situation where being a follower of a blog pays off. ;D


  1. what defines a sucky picture for you?

  2. Poor quality or just plain uninteresting sim.

    Gimme a pick of a toddler wearing peggy hair and I'll direct you to a texan toddler beauty pageant webpage, for example. :p

    If I don't think they pics will make an interesting object, really. I'm just looking for more art for my game, and I think that having photo montages like this is a good start. So I'm giving people the opportunity to get a custom one, should they act fast enough!

    It's a win-win situation for both parties.

  3. Are you going to put up the one with your avatar sim for download? I like him.

    (And have you seen Amjoie's Parlor at CustomSims3? She made a lot of very nice paintings before she had to retire.)

  4. Some people suck at taking pictures, would you take someones uploaded sim/s and take photos of them? Perhaps a preview image of the sim before you do so to determine if they're boring.

  5. are you just posting this to be annoying? People haven't uploaded their sim pics yet and you ALREADY insulted them.

  6. Would you consider using my sim?
    Here are a couple of pix, i took the first one a while ago. This is her as a teen!/photo.php?pid=3677363&op=2&o=user&view=user&subj=35298715078&aid=-1&oid=35298715078&id=597223239
    Sorry about the massive link!
    This is her now!/photo.php?pid=3864318&op=1&o=user&view=user&subj=35298715078&aid=-1&oid=35298715078&id=597223239
    i can take better/different photos too, these weren't uploaded specifically when i saw your post :)

  7. Ps. I dont mind insulting as long as its honest,
    my sim is a generation 3 sim born in game.
    So i kind of made her but i wouldnt be insulted if you didnt want to use her lol

  8. Just watch her as you play, and when you see a cute expression, try and get it. The best pictures are natural. She seems cute enough.

  9. Is it worth getting any more pictures of Xar for you?

    (By the way, for those of you who are feeling insulted: Don't take it personally. He's the sort of guy who can accidentally make a weather report sound like a personal attack. That was why he was banned from MTS. He doesn't mean it that way.)

  10. Well, whether you like my sim or not, I thought it was rather funny that a guy with butterfly wings was catching butterflies, (at NIGHT!) -talking- to them, and then sticking them in his pocket. So here's a second picture.

  11. Omg, when (and why) were you banned from MTS Claeric? I've been missing you like woah over there. I'm so glad someone finally prodded me over here!

    Anyway, I don't have pictures, just wanted to pop in and let you know that you are awesome.

  12. Well, you didn't say you hated him. And you didn't say that my pictures suck, despite the fact that he's fairly nocturnal. So I'm going to assume you liked him enough for me to post a couple more pictures.

    (and a couple of alternates if you need them: )