Friday, May 28, 2010

Chillgood Fridge, Fixed to not look like horrible crap!



After: Beautiful pristine retro style!

Colors can finally look GOOD!

(Note: The 4 visible "Corners" on the inner texture that you can see on the slate fridge are not my fault, that's a default part of the texture, not a mistake!)

This is a default REPLACEMENT!


  1. I honestly never noticed when playing with this refrigerator, but now I can definitely see it. I'm going to snag this just as soon as I finish this sentence, the next, and sign my name.

    Thanks for making our objects better!

  2. Dude, you are king!

  3. Oh also, would you be able to do this for the cheap stove, too? It seems to have the same problem as the fridge, blacks look like shit on it!

  4. Finalmente

  5. I never noticed it on the store, but I'll check it out. EA seemed to try and give the cheapo stuff a sort of low-quality stained kind of feel to it, but the game compresses the gradients so much that it gets that ugly chunky effect on it. It's easily fixed, though.

  6. I like your pristine looking new texture, but I wonder if you would mind making an additional file that is non-default. I like having the original grungy looking fridge for my Sims who are either poor or slobs. I have a few rusty textures which could be applied to the new-looking fridge, but whose fridge, no matter how old, looks rusty (except one that sits outside in a junkyard)?

    Another thing I would love to see done to the cheap fridge is to have it remade into a new version which has the same benefits as the most expensive fridge.

    Sometimes I like to decorate houses with a retro feel, as though from the 1950s, but unfortunately when I do that my poor sims are stuck with the crappiest stove and fridge and those annoying "uneven cooking" and "tastes like fridge" moodlets even when they've maxed out cooking and handiness skills. I hate that in this game everything expensive has an ultra-modern look to it which destroys the look of retro or old-fashioned houses.

  7. So how did you get this working? I remember you posted about it at mts .. something to do with a (secondary?) texture you couldn't find, IIRC. Is this fridge somehow different from other objects?

    Congrats, anyway. Looks good.

  8. It was the Multiplier. I don't think S3PE properly displays the Multiplier, so I couldn't get it to change. But TSRW shows it, and allows editing of it, and that worked just fine.

  9. I'm not aware of issues with s3pe and multipliers .. was always able to edit them without problems. Strange. But, glad you've found a workaround!