Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zits (5 more styles) FIXED.

FIXED! Most of the styles didn't work before because TSRW sucks ass at saving things properly when edting a package. Every texture gets deleted when you load a freaking package, so you have to redo the WHOLE THING every time. Genius, right? Forgive me for slandering the damn thing, but it only took me, oh, 10 or 12 tries to realize that it was deleting every freaking texture every freaking time, despite showing them functioning just fine in the program. Anyway, they work now. Please redownload! D:

 Flipped versions of the earlier zits, a bit of excessive zits, a lighter version of excessive zits (like the kind where people have a lot of zits, but they aren't the red bright kind), and a light version of EVEN MORE zits.

This includes the first two. The name is the same so just overwrite.

Normal zits, now in Flipped version:

Extra Zits, now in Flipped version:

LOTS of zits:

LOTS of zits, Light:

EXCESSIVE zits, Light (no normal version, it just looked weird):

DETAIL shots of Lots of Zits and Excessive Zits:

Hooray! That makes 7 styles of Zits:

Normal Flipped
More Flipped
Lots (Adds zits on the cheeks and near the temples, more on the chin)
Lots Light (Same, but light)
Excessive Light (LOTS of tiny ones on the cheeks and chin and near the temples, light marks near the lips)

I think that's enough for now :p

All are costume makeup, all under the same makeup (so they all appear in a row). None are colorable, but they have an alpha that makes them light enough to fit most skin colors. Teen-Adult, Male and Female.


  1. When I look at these it makes me want to wash my face, a lot. They are amazing! TY!!


  2. looks like my zits. hahaha. fucking zits... sims are cursed with them too.

  3. Thank you so much, just what my sims needed! Not really but you get the idea lol

  4. Haha ha! :P That's so icky; looks like bubonic plague! That poor Sim who's subjected to these! :D Great job!

  5. Hey Shivar - would you consider making an eczema skin?