Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Progress + Updated Test File (More beta testing wanted!)

More updates! I have added trees and a bunch of lots. I am still only working in CAW so I need more people to try and find seam errors or lot edge errors or road/sidewalk flickering, and other errors. Preferably with pictures!


  1. I -was- going to report some seams and flashing sidewalks starting with the residential lot by the waterfall. (You are going to be putting the waterfall back, I hope? At least the pond and the wild plants?) Then my Maxis easel turned into a nightmare, which renders any reports of seams suspect. If my game can't render the easel properly, it might not be rendering the lots properly either.

    (Side note: I hope the historical society isn't the only library you have planned. It's very nice, but it doesn't have any skill books in it.)

    Bearing in mind what that easel looks like, here are my pictures of where I was seeing seams/flashing sidewalks.

    (Yes, that is a very familiar sim in one of those pictures. He gets a woman inviting him to spend the night in a double bed and he makes silly faces at her!)

    I just realized that I forgot to label the area where the seam is where he is standing... It is just beyond the reddish orange house with the white house next to it that was in the other picture, and on the other side of the map from where I saw the flashing sidewalks. And all of them might be irrelevant with someone with a game that isn't misbehaving, but I'm reporting them in case they are important.

  2. I have experienced some screen Shearing at both the new stairway and the new beach areas... vertical lines about a inch thick flashing. could not hit the print screen fast enough to catch this. they only lasted a split second.

    It may be due to my video card, nivida gefore 73oo, with 24 inch AOC wide screen on a completely custom machine. I call it a App-ell. lol

    I have had these errors because of unnamed lots and also from big lots to densely placed. but it may just be me as your lots that are dense are mostly smaller...

    I would beware of this though. I put in months on a world that pooed on play once all the lots had houses.

  3. It really looks stunning

  4. Rook's screen shearing is in the area where I was seeing flashing sidewalks before I realized that this might be a suspect report, so after I finish my chores for the day Addelai can continue making silly faces at Lunaria while exploring the town. It might not be as suspect after all. And I promise I will try to do a better job of showing you where they are, now that I know that the same areas are causing problems on two different setups. (If it didn't require WA I could test on the other computer for you as well, but that one can only handle the base game.)

  5. It's not a fake report, Claric is like my sims 3 hero.

    Also note i play "windowed" as i run dual monitors, so i can see process monitor at the same time as i play, as well as test CC i am making for my worlds release.

    I will test with only one active monitor and full screen today.

  6. Rook, I wasn't calling -your- report into question, I called -my- report into question after I filled his want to buy an easel and when I placed it I got a nightmare. (Although it turns out that it was just on that particular lot, because when I switched households and bought a new easel for him on his girlfriend's lot it was normal...)

    But since Rook and I both saw problems in the same area, I'm going to upload some more pictures.

    In case I wasn't clear about the area with the orange house and the white house that has multiple problems, it's this one:

    You already have one picture of the flashing driveway on the beach lot, but I'm including a picture of a seam I saw, and a circled area on the map where it was.

    Along with flashing sidewalks I previously reported:

    (That whole area flashes)

    And then there is an area where the sidewalk goes missing:

    The lot over by where the waterfall used to be is the one that was destroying my easel, but it also has a previously reported seam:

  7. After hacking him enough money to go to Egypt and buy a treasure chest (along with filling an opportunity to deliver a book he had written to the culture-starved kiddies who were desperate for his science-fiction xD ) and put the offending easel in it, then reloading the game I finally have an easel that looks like an easel when I take it out of the chest. I continue to notice the problems that I have reported, and I don't notice anything that I don't think I've reported. I'm calling this test complete, if that's ok.

  8. I was wondering a few things regarding this project:
    1. Are you still tweaking this land?
    2. Would you mind sharing to .world file so I/others could add our touches?

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