Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tony, the Sexy Teen Vampire

Sexy vampires are all the rage. Now you, too, can have a sexy teen vampire! Tony the sexy teen vampire! His real name is Tony Lombardi, but he tells people it's Tony de Lioncourt.

Well, he says he's a teen when he's wooing the boys, but he's actually a young adult. Close enough, whatever.

Tony is a Grumpy Coward, who Hates the Outdoors, is a Heavy Sleeper, and Mooches off of everybody. His lifetime wish is to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse.

His favorite food is Burgers (rare), his favorite music is Classical (because that's what his brethren who have been around for hundreds of years like), and his favorite color is purple.

He can get kinda angry...

And he doesn't care much about his appearance...

He scowls a lot...and tries to act tough...

But he's really just a coward.

 Plus he's not all that bad. He's a fun guy, if a little awkward.

Tony uses the following CC:
-Rose Sims Hair
-Baggier Baggy Jeans
-Fangs by Aikea Guinea (under Accessories)
-These Piercings
-My Zits
-My Goatee

Tony was made using awesomemod with sliders multiplied by 4. You'll need your sliders to be multiplied if you want to change his face.

I love this sim. He has the best grumpy expressions ever.


  1. He's nice! But I wouldn't say 'sexy' with those zits. Where Can I get that hair for him from the pictures? I can't find it on the Awesomemod site.

  2. I love his expressions! He's really cute! Thanks!

  3. The hair is the first download link in the link.

    And the "sexy vampire" part is tongue in cheek, guys. I'm making fun of twilight. :p I think he's cute anyway, though. Zits don't bother me.

  4. Hair is actually a Rose hair. It's on page 3 of the freebie hairs. It just looks a lot like the hair on MATY, but the length/texture/hairline is a bit different.

    Anyway, I like his jaw structure/cheekbones.

  5. he reminds me of someone from my school XD (personality wise)

  6. reminds me of someone at my school XD (the way you described him)