Saturday, May 29, 2010

You anonymous idiots ruin EVERYTHING

Nobody bothers to comment here, but they always comment on MS3B, but you dumbasses got the comments on the latest one closed. I wish MS3B would just disable anonymous commenting already, half the people were probably the same person.



  1. I completely agree. I hate anonymous commenting and they get really mean at MS3B.

  2. Sorry for bad English, I'm Italian and I have said in Italian as anonymous.
    My name is Laura and always within your blog. I downloaded your game worlds in which the idea of the fridge and always very much and are not used as you say "idiot", but the first time I write a comment here.

  3. Never let idiots upset you. It is apparent that your contributions to the Sim universe are welcome and appreciated, so don't let a few children get under your skin.

    On another matter, I recently gifted Lady Frontbum at the EA store because I love so much of her stuff. Metallic bikini's for men anyone!!

    This week you're on the menu, but I could not find you under Claeric among the members. What do you go by on EA and do you have a Wishlist. I really would like to gift you for your contributions!

    Again I speak for a lot of people when I say, we appreciate your creative mind and talent.

    PS I am on the sixth generation of Skeffington. The famous nose lives on but the skin coloring died out around the fourth generation.