Saturday, April 24, 2010

Diesel Sweeties Pixel Art Shirts

These designs are not mine, but they do exist as real shirts! If you think they are badass I would recommend buying them. The logos on them are different sizes than on these, but they are still awesome! These designs are from Diesel Sweeties, a pixel-art webcomic of pixels and robots and non-sequiturs and such. You can find all 3 in their shirt store! Go check it out! I'm not advertising, I promise. :p I'm just letting you know that these designs aren't mine, I'm just adapting them to the game. They are badass shirts, though.

Anyway, the shirts. There's "Metal Steve's" Pixel Skull, the shirt worn by one of the characters in the comic. I own this one! :D The skull on the real one is a lot smaller, but it's cute this way.

 And this Pixel Heart...

And this awesome Pixel Giraffe, where the shirt is the main giraffe but the only actual image on it is the details! :D The real shirt is a bit lower, but it looked weird on the male chest when muscular if I put it down there, so I moved it up a bit.

The logos will stay the same, but the shirts are CASTable.

Want a blue giraffe? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

All 3 found under one shirt in CAS, as variations.

These actually took a LOT longer to make than you'd think. The top of the skull refused to be straight for some reason, and I had to fiddle with the alpha forever to get it to look as good as possible. And the heart has two dark squares on it that you won't see unless up close, that absolutely REFUSED to go away (I spent 40 minutes on it. They didn't leave. :( )

Male only.

Thanks muchly to Diesel Sweeties for the awesome shirt designs. :D

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  1. I love Diesel Sweeties! This will make my sim guys very happy. My favourite is the heart one. Thank you, downloading them right now.