Thursday, April 22, 2010

France Town Square Park Replacement (Fixed, too)

From the very first time I visited France I hated the Town Square because it had huge trees that ruined the view and made it too dark. So I changed it! And fixed it. Why do I say fixed? The damn thing wasn't even frickin' centered.

Here's the original:

And here's mine!

Much tinier trees and much more color. Much brighter and happier!

-World Adventures (duh)
-Aikea Guine's grass tiles
-Sunset Flowers by me

Enjoy :D


  1. That is indeed better, great job!

  2. EA/Sims folks should hire you... but then you wouldn't be able to deliver work like this for us

  3. To be honest, as someone who gre up in a french village in the style of that in the game, I hate to say that the original square is much more authentic. Nice job nonetheless.