Monday, April 19, 2010

More Minor Text Changes

NPC leaving: When an NPC leaves, they normally say "Looks like I'm done here. That'll be (money).". For the sole reason of making it so the pizza guy doesn't say that, I changed it to "That’ll be §{0.Number}!". I just didn't like that the pizza guy said it looked like he was done, because that just sounds stupid. Duh, you're done, you only have to hand me the pizza.

Consistency Fix: When you don't have enough money, the game says you don't have enough money for the service("the maid", "the babysitter", but for the pizza guy it says "to pay the pizza delivery sim". That sounds clunky to me, so I changed it to "to pay for the pizza" so that it is consistent with other text. You aren't paying for the pizza guy, but for the pizza. Right?

Reality Fix, Newspapers: The paper boy speaks way too much like an adult when angry. Normally he says "You've left way too many papers on this lot. Clean this mess up and I'll think about delivering another one.". I changed it to "You have too many old papers! I'm not gonna run over here every day to give you more if you're just wasting them!" :p

Mailman Preference Fix: This one is probably personal preference. I changed Mail Carrier to Mailman and Mail Lady. I've never heard them called anything else.

Dying: EXTREMELY minor. The interaction queue box normally says "Expire" when a sim is dying. Now it says "Die".

Sexy Spa: I like to make some things more adult. As a result, the most expensive spa package is now called "Sensual Salvation" instead of "Soothing Salvation". *cough*

All are in one zip, pick and choose~
Only 1.73kb for all of them.



    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. Well in the UK we have Postmen and Postwomen for delivering the post.
    I'm just saying for the sake of saying really.

  3. I see you've taken requests in the past... I don't know if these are even possible, but I thought I'd ask since I can't find any. I have been looking for a mod to let you own all books without buying them or one to let you share books between all the bookshelves on a lot.

    Sorry to request it on an unrelated post. I appreciate your time, even if you can't/won't do this. :D