Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jecht's Tattoo

So in Final Fantasy X there's this sexy-ass guy named Jecht and he has this cool tattoo. The above picture is from a different game, so it's styled differently. I couldn't find a good non-fanrt picture of how he looks in the game. All I know is that the bottom tip ends just left of the bellybutton and the top parts are near the nipples :p

It's kinda rough because as I have just learned over the past HOUR, tattoos are bullcrap to make and they get all jagged for no reason. Plus, despite changing EVERY SINGLE TEXTURE in the TSR Workshop, I couldn't get it recolorable, so it's black only. I'll probably redo it eventually. But for now it's good. :D

It does have its own thumbnail, though. It's Teen-Adult, Male only, and found under Socks.

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