Monday, November 7, 2011

Champs Les Pets Park

This is an updated version of the small park in the center of town in Champs Les Sims, for use with Twallan's Traveller mod or for Champs Les Sims base world. It adds various dog and cat equipment so your pets can anjoy the park too! It also makes the park significantly less hideous.

Requires World Adventures and Pets.

  (Sorry to use 4shared, mediafire is not cooperating! All other downloads are still hosted on mediafire, though.)


  1. Hi, Sorry to be off topic ( park is lovely) but I couldnt find any other current place to post. The Pets EP seems not to have a UI file in Game/Bin or anywhere else I can see, and I'm trying to change the load screen. Any ideas ? Thanks.

  2. As of the latest expansion all updates will be done to The Sims 3 base game, so the UI and Gameplaydata and all that stuff are found in the Sims 3 folder.

  3. Well now thanks for that, you really are a useful guy. I swapped the layouts and now Outdoor Living loads instead. Great. One small problem... I have always edited the screen to show my own town and to remove the Sims 3 logo. Its always been perfect until now. The game insists on loading the original EA SP3 screen even though I cant see where it could even be finding this. I changed both copies in Full Build and Delta Build, tried the images in a package but nothing works. The layout file references many images and I did try using one of those references which added my town image as a tiny icon underneath the logo ! It isnt possible to work out which one is which..there has to be a simpler way and now I'm banging my head on the desk....