Monday, October 31, 2011

Paradise Revisited (Playable Paradise with prebuilt lots and Pets compatibility!)

Remember Paradise? It was a world I made. A small tropical island. But it didn't have anything on it.

Now that we have a couple EPs and our sims can survive pretty well without jobs, I've built it into someplace worth living in. It now features a public garden, lookout, graveyard, two houses (one occupied), a playground, and a beach hangout/study area. There are a few empty lots for you to do as you wish.

Horses, Deer, and Raccoons will spawn. I placed quite a few small pet spawners too. Cats can find small pets via hunting. The wild animals (horses for sure, not sure about others) don't disappear to an NPC pool- they hang around on the island 24/7. :)

POSSIBLE ISSUE: Paradise initially had an issue where sims spawned at a random spot, ran away from it, and disappeared. These were NPCs being spawned by the world. They...may not ever stop doing this. They aren't an intrusion, though.

You can not use any service requiring a road. You cannot order pizza, adopt a pet, have a maid, etc. If you want to get a pet, you must either make it in CAS, hope for a neighbor to spawn an adoption, adopt a stray, or spawn one with debug commands.
You need the World Adventures version of Paradise to play.  Also requires Grant's OMSP. This save game requires World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, and Pets. Place the files from the .zip in Documents/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Saves.


  1. Hi ! Thank you so much for making this. I've been a big fan of your site for quite a long time now but have always lurked, until now.

    I'd been wanting to play an island game and your island is perfect for what I want to do.

    I am so sorry to be daft, but are saying we need both versions of the island in order to play? Or can I play with just your new version?


  2. I hope you don't mind if I answer. ^^"

    Sereniticat, The new version is actually a save game, so yes, you need both =)

    Don't forget to select the save instead of "new game" !

  3. Hi Half Blood, Half Sand- thanking you so much for your answer. I'm looking forward to getting this into game and trying it out.

    I love your screen name btw !

  4. Hello,

    This island looks beautiful and I really want to play it but when I try to download it via the launcher, a pop-up appears reading, "An Unknown Error Occurred". I am sure it is some odd thing on my end but I was wondering if there was anyway to download this with a .package or something?


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  6. Do you need any specific expansions to play with on the island

  7. I have downloaded the lite versions of this island as i don't have World Adventures, will this save still work in it.