Friday, August 5, 2011

Smooth Motive Drop (Forgiving version)

This is a new version of Smooth Motive Drop (1.24). In the old version, hunger, hygiene, and energy dropped at a constant rate instead of slowing down and speeding up based on how high/low they were.

This is the same thing, except when hunger reaches -81, it slows significantly to give you time to save your sim's life. With the original version, if you waited too long to start feeding your sim, they could easily die during cooking.


  1. This is awesome!
    Uhm, just fyi, your Leotard-Kinda for Guys, the download link says that the file doesn't exist. I love the outfit quite a bit and want to DL it, but I can't find any alternate links. Would you mind re-uploading the outfit and redoing the link? That would be awesome if you would!!!

  2. Hey, haven't seen you around at MySims3Blog or anywhere else I visit, hope you are doing well! :D

    I am just a random anonymous person, btw, never use a nym if I can help it. lol