Friday, October 28, 2011

More or Less Wild Animals (A hundred flavors- Testing)

More Strays- Also makes strays stay on the lot longer (at least 2 hours, at most 4) and show up more often (At least one every 48 hours). DOES NOT INCREASE THE NUMBER OF STRAYS IN THE WORLD. This is a compatibility package for the following packages so that they actually do something. You NEED THIS. Maximum 5 is default. What this does is determines how many strays the game world can create at max, REGARDLESS of how many possible strays there are of any given type.


Stray Modifiers:

No wild Horses (Unicorns still spawn)
No wild Horses (No Unicorns)

No Deer
No Raccoons
No Cats
No Dogs

More Deer
More Raccoons

Only Raccoons
Only Deer
Only Horses (and Unicorns)
Only Dogs
Only Cats
Only Unicorns

Only download ONE of the above! They all change the same file so they are not compatible with each other. If you would like any other combination, they are very easy to edit. Open them in S3PE and find where it says:


And simply change the numbers for whatever type of animal you want. You can change how many are available for adoption or breeding ("Stallion") as well. I am not entirely sure what EP5Max_MinSpec does, so just make it the same number as EP5Max.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for all the "no" mods I hated that my game has become like a zoo with all these animals spawning all over the place, so thank you again for making this I kept seeing ones to make more appear in the game and I guess I was one of the few who didn't want more of them lol.

  2. I'm confused about your mod description. Is it only the Maximum 15 mod that makes strays show up more often and stay longer?

    Also, if you use a No Cats stray modifier, for example, does that mean there will be no cats in the adoption pool as well?

  3. I've hated strays wondering around since sims2. Thanks for the fix.

  4. Okay If I want no stray dog, cats, or horses, do I download each of those...I don't want more strays I want the pool terminated all together, with exception of wild animals and the adoption pool, so is this what this mod does?

  5. Thank you SO much! I dl'd a CC world that's just a tiny island, and I loaded it up today and found there were like, five wild horses running around. Ack! This island is like a block wide! You fixed it for me :)

  6. Sorry for bothering you with a stupid question...but how do I even use this? I mean where should I put it to make it work in the game? I tried to figure it out by myself but didn't get far.

  7. Hi! I downloaded "cats only" and "maximum 15" and placed both in my Mods folder, and I also tweaked "cats only" with s3pe to admit stray dogs and raccoons, but I still have all those horses roaming around right in front of the door (so annoying, I mean, even if you lived in Horse County you wouldn't have as many!)... I noticed stallions were enabled in the mod, would those be wild stallions? But then foals also showed up on the lot (stallion foals? hm)...

    Maybe it needs to be placed on a new world to have effect, won't work on a pre-existing world? I deleted all my cache files, even the world caches.

  8. You want stray dogs, cats, and raccoons, right?

    Try getting No Deer, and editing it so that there are no horses. Only Cats should work right...but editing No Deer has less room for error, since you only need to change a few numbers to remove the horses.

  9. Yes, I tried to set it to cats + a smaller number of stray dogs and raccoons, it seemed kinda realistic even for a more or less urban setting... I'll try that starting from "no deer", thanks! :)

    I wonder if the horses that roam around are only wild horses or all kind of horses (horses for sale, adoption or whatever), do I need to set ALL horses to 0?

  10. These mods (and these XML files) do not affect owned horses whatsoever. If you're in Appaloosa plains, peoples horses will still be wandering.

  11. Um I"m a little confused...Which one is for NO wild animals and NO stays. I don't want either. ... Will this effect adopting?

  12. This needs an update. The XML was altered with Island Paradise to disallow all wildlife in Isla Pardiso.

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