Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tougher Bills (updated for Pets)

This is a mod that makes billing much harder. Now updated for Pets!

The default billing rate is .013 the value of a sim's household. This means that if your house was worth exactly 20k, you would be billed 260 simoleons a week. This raises it to .05, meaning a home worth 20k would bring 1,000 simoleon bills each week.

That means that if your sim was, say, level 1 in the Business career, they'd bring in 810 simoleons in a week. Woops! Can't afford the bills, sucks for you. A sim at level 1 business career could afford a 16,000 dollar home, at 800 a week- but they wouldn't be able to afford food. This means a sim at level 1 business career must have a home of, say, 15k to live comfortably. That would cost 750 simoleons a week, allowing 60 for food. 

A criminal sim at level 1 will bring in 510 a week, meaning they could live in a 9,000 simoleon house with minor discomfort.

Two sims working business and law enforcement at level 1 would bring in 2010 simoleons a week. They could easily live in a 20k home.

Level 1 jobs are no longer something sims can live on, especially if living on their own. You will NOT be able to afford a comfortable house until you work for it or get promoted. Part time jobs won't properly pay for a single sim's housing until they get to level 3.

With the base game a sim at level 3 of the culinary career, bringing in 1170 per week, could easily afford a 50k house (650 per week). Not so now- they'd need 2500 to do so- something they won't get until level SIX! (Unless they have a partner or roommate)

This means you will have POOR sims. This means you will NEED to advance in a job. This means writers, painters, etc will NEED a part time job. This makes disposable income MUCH harder to come by. It makes saving important- don't go and immediately spend as much money as you can when making a new sim, you damn well better do the math to make sure they can actually afford the house you're building for them! The more money you make, the more expensive your home can be, and the easier it is to sustain it. The more money-bringers you have the easier it is, as well.

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