Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Basics (20x30 High Rise) REMOVED- See note

REMOVED. Apparently some of the shells in the Usable Shell pack are bugged. Apparently they potentially cause the blue lot glitch. Apparently it didn't occur to anybody that, maybe, they shouldn't be included in the pack. So this is now a useless waste of time. Fantastic!

This is a high rise with a crappy apartment in it for sims who are just starting out. It features a cluttered, tiny living area, and a public laundry room. Has all the basics- TV, book shelf, computer, stereo, fridge, stove, sink, tub, toilet, table, guitar. It comes with a Lemon, too, parked out back.

It costs 15,000 and requires nothing but Late Night.


  1. I seem to be encountering an odd pathing problem. My sim will not enter an elevator due to it oddly having no path for it to walk to when it's obviously open spaced. D:

  2. I love the idea of it, hopefully the bug won't be around forever.