Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hilly Heights High Rise (40x30 Apartment) REMOVED- See Note

REMOVED. Apparently some of the shells in the Usable Shell pack are bugged. Apparently they potentially cause the blue lot glitch. Apparently it didn't occur to anybody that, maybe, they shouldn't be included in the pack. So this is now a useless waste of time. Fantastic!
I. LOVE. This. Lot.

I previously had a private school I titled "Hilly Heights" because I couldn't think of a name for it. Just pretend the kids who go there live in fancy places like this. This is a 40x30 high rise with two floors, one bedroom, and two bathrooms. It has a laundry room that could alternate as a kids room. It uses things from every expansion and HELS, but none but Late Night are absolutely necessary for it to function. I didn't catch the price, I'll update next time I play.

The entrance faces the opposite direction was the deck, so place it facing AWAY from whatever you want your sims to have a good view of.


  1. Mmm, a delicious apartment to live in! I have to agree, the abode really looks like a haven for rich kids.

    Thanks for the share! :o

  2. Hey :) I loved your apartment and i would love to download it when I get late night. Will you reupload it?

    BTW how did you build the apartment?


  3. I was thinking this was the ugliest building until I saw what you did with it. Great job! *runs off to remodel*

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