Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunset Valley Official Office

I started a new Sunset Valley file and wanted to redesign it to be more modern and have more clubs, less of a suburb. So I started with City Hall, which I made into the all-in-one building from Late Night and placed on a 60x30 lot.

Not much to show, since it's a rabbit hole. Uses fountains and a Late Night rabbit hole/floors, everything else is base game. 60x30 lot, I stuck it where the Library and Police Station were. You have to delete the park if you want to put a new lot (in Edit World) there, though. (You can put it back later). It will fit on the original City Hall lot, but it'll be positioned oddly.


  1. How soon can we expect a download of your redesigned Sunset Valley?
    And do you happen to have a Lite version of said town for us to build on?
    I'd be so grateful. :)

  2. uhhhh if you mean this one, when I finish it i guess I can upload a save file. If you mean the one I started ages ago, that is long gone and never going to happen.

  3. replacing SV's city hall with the one that came with Bridgeport is such a space-saver!

  4. This is helpful! I've been trying to add the bars and clubs to SV and it just seems impossible.