Monday, November 1, 2010

Bridgeport Froggy Park

It's a little park! For the kids. I used it as an experiment to see how nice ponds could look if made using the fountain tool instead of the pond tool. Turns out they look great.

The froggy park (No fishing!) is a little park for the kids with a playground, benches for mom and dad, and a froggy pond for the kids to poke around in (Kids can't actually do anything with it, but man, I think it came out pretty nice looking). Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to get a frog spawner that actually showed frogs to work with the pond, so it's just 100% decorative, with no jumping frogs.

Very basic little lot. 20x15. I stuck mine in front of and to the left of the Municipal building, as shown. I'll probably add some trees around it.

Requires Late Night and Ambitions (For the fishing sign, but nothing else)

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