Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ultimate Toilet and Bed Recajigging Mods

AKA "Toilet and Bed Fixes"

Short version:

-Seat put down 50% of the time instead of 90%
-Flushing 100% unless slob
-Up to 10 minutes to use instead of 5
-Sims sit down when Has To Pee moodlet has 60 minutes or less left instead of 45
-Sims wash hands 75% of the time instead of 0, making sinks worth buying

-Can't sleep if energy is over 50
-Spooning less often and for longer for less hectic sleeping
-Exhausted sims will try harder to autonomously go to bed

Long version:


Seat Down: Normally, a sim will put the seat down 90% of the time. I changed this to 50. It is still 100 for neat sims and 0 for slobs.

Flushing: From 95 to 100 for non-slobs and non-neats. I dunno why they would opt not to flush the toilet. Slobs now do it 25% of the time instead of 50.

Max Length of Use: Sims usually won't take over 5 sim minutes to use the toilet, which I thought was odd because it seems they'd take longer the more they have to go. Well, now they do. But only a bit longer: The maximum is now 10 sim minutes. Seems like nothing, but it becomes a small time penalty for waiting too long to use the toilet.

HasToPee: If the Has To Pee moodlet has less than 45 minutes left, sims will definitely sit when they get to the toilet. This basically means that a low bladder score means...well, they've got a low...colon...score, too, since it's been a long time since they used the toilet. Minor change: It is now 60 minutes and under.

Washing hands: Non-slob/non-neat sims have a 0% chance of washing their hands. I changed this to 75%. (It's 100 for neat and 0 for slobs). Now your sinks in your bathrooms actually serve a purpose!


Sims 2 Style Napping: By default, sims can Sleep as long as they have a bit of their energy bar gone. I remember in The Sims 2 they could only nap if it was too high. So now, if your sim's energy is above 50 , your sim can only nap. Here's a shot of what 50 looks like, so you know:

Whenever the bar is above that, you cannot sleep, only nap. No more quickly boosting your energy before work and after breakfast, cheater!

Spooning:  Sims will normally only spoon from 45 to 120 minutes. If I was in bed and moving around and being grabbed and grabbing that often I'd go crazy. So now they'll do it from 120 minutes at the least to 240 minutes at the most.  Less rolling around in bed, dammit! 30 100 The default amount of time BETWEEN spooning is 30 minutes to 100 minutes. I changed this to 90-240. That way sims spend longer spooning when they do, but won't start as soon as they stop. It just makes sleeping look more comfortable and less hectic, is all.

Exhaustion: When sims are exhausted, they will now be 50% more likely to try and sleep than normal. Meaning if a sim has low energy, he might try to go sleep, and won't protest much when you tell him to do something else...but if he's exhausted and has low energy, yeah, he's going to go to the bed and repeatedly try to. He's TIRED.

All of these have been tested and all of them do function. :D There are noticable changes, particularly with washing hands, being more calm during sleep when cuddling, and much slower toilet usage the more full the bladder. Hooray! Tiny realistic tweaks.

Note: The bed mod will conflict with my 2x Sleeping Speed mod. As well, they will not work with other mods which alter basic toilet/bed functionality. Interaction changes are compatible, though.

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