Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paradise DIY Version

This is the folder and files for editing a world with CAW. It should have the custom icon and name and description, all you have to do is open it in CAW and alter as you please.

Puh-lease do not distribute without credit. If you alter it, go ahead and share it on your own page or whatever, I don't care(not on MTS though), but credit me for making the thing :p

  1. Extract the files and folder
  2. Place EVERYTHING in Documents/ElectronicArts/TheSims3CreateAWorld/Usertooldata/Worlds
  3. Open with CAW, alter as desired, save
  4. File -> Choose World to Export -> Pick the world
  5. Install

If you add more lots, REMOVE the existing ones, then use the smooth tool where your lot edges will be. If you don't, you'll get those weird broken edges. 

If you want to change the ocean, the terrain paint used underwater is Martine's.

You will need the latest CAW and this is only the World Adventures version. I do not have the base game CAW files.

Do not designate any lots as Parks. For some reason, probably since there are no roads, NPCs will spawn at parks, run away from them, and disappear. If you don't want a constant stream of NPCs running across your island, don't make any lots Parks. :p Use Library or Gym or Beach or whatever.


  1. Claeric, I just LOVE this world (have been playing your original) but wanted to make some CAW edits. I downloaded the file, but CAW can't open it. I have updated to the latest version of CAW and am running High End Loft Stuff.

    Help! :)

  2. I need more information than "it cant open it".

  3. Can you give us the CAW & world files for your 40x40 world?
    I still can't run it!!! =(
    Only 5x5

  4. I'm talking about the CAS world ofc.

  5. I dont know why you can't run it but having the CAW files wouldn't help.

    Open CAW, choose the smallest height map, place a lot. THat's all it is.

  6. Full error when attempting to open the Paradise world file from CAW

    "Unable to load file.'C:\ElectronicArts\TheSims3CreateAWorld\Usertooldata\Worlds\':Could not load File. 'C:\ElectronicArts\TheSims3CreateAWorld\Usertooldata\Worlds\'"

    Running version

  7. Well, you put it in the wrong place. That might be a problem. And is that the latest version of CAW?

  8. I had the same error as listed above when I unpacked the rar file and tried to open it. All I had to do to fix the problem was rename the "ParadiseLite" folder to "Paradise" and then it loaded fine.

    I love this world and have been playing it for a week now. it;s great because I can set it to max full detail lots and then there's no load times as you move around and it's all really smooth. I just want to edit it to add special seed spawners and all the bugs and fish and gems from WA.

  9. The problem is that .world and .setting file is called Paradise but yellow file is called ParadiseLite. I guess they have to have the same names