Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mirabello Livable Bookstore

This is a residential lot with a bookstore on the first floor. It is functional in the following ways:

-Your sims can use it as a rabbit hole
-Your sims can work there
-Your sims can be partners, making it seem like the store is functioning and indeed theirs!
-Your sims from other households can get jobs here and shop here and partner here.

It is NOT functional in the following ways:
-Neighbors will not autonomously shop here
-Neighbors cannot autonomously come inside
-Neighbors will not become workers here

In other words, to use the rabbit hole, sims must be directed. It's still a fun place to live and a fun idea to have the store beneath your house. :D

See that glow? That's the disappearing plumbob of a controlled sim NOT from the household, being directed to shop there. I don't believe the mailbox is still in that position, I have no idea how it got there...

Used books galore! Stick around and read or grab a coffee.

Lot size is 16x18 since I built it where the Bistro is by default. It'll fit on pretty much any lot, therefore. It costs just around 30,000 simoleons to buy, a good price for a semi-furnished home with a store beneath it.

Requires World Adventures and these mini rabbit holes.

Wanna put rabbit holes on your own residential lots? Download Awesomemod and use the debug command NeverRemoveOnLotTypeChange to make sure that community objects stay on lots when made residential and vice versa.

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