Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hilly Heights Private School

Best name ever

I made this lot a long time ago but only just now am getting around to uploading it.

It's a school, but prettier and fancier.

Not much to say. The simulated pirate cove environment in the kids area is supposed to make public school kids jealous. The groundskeeper shed is not decorated, but it has a garage door on the side. The pond in the corner is a learning tool for an advanced high school class. It has frog spawners.

Requires NO CC. Requires World Adventures if only for the frog spawners(If you install without WA, that's all you'll be missing, I believe).

60x60 lot.

Sims CAN use this as well as the other school. But to do so is a bit complicated. Awesomemod can allow sims to be FORCED to pick a school, allowing you to enroll your kids in whichever you want. Twallan's mods can do something similar.


  1. Great job! This is wonderful

  2. This is gorgeous! And definitely much more exciting and interactable than the old boring school in the game. I'll use them together though because I have a custom education career in use, linked to the default school and don't want to mess it up (just in case). And I figure it can be nice for story purposes to have a regular school and a fancier one.

    Thank you for your work. Love it as always.

  3. Wow, This is amazing. I have sims 3 but i have a problem with downloading it to my mac computer. :) hopefully i will work it out in no time! :D
    have a nice day
    Erica in Singapore.

  4. great job thanks for sharing