Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tweaky Tweaks

More minor tweaks.

Play With Mirror: Interaction is now 10 minutes long, instead of 25. Conflicts with any mods changing this same value, meaning likely nothing you've got. :p

Working Out on the Bench: Sims will now change positions every 30 minutes instead of every 10 minutes. Conflicts with anything that changes the speed/effectiveness/etc of working out! Note that with this mod, a sim will also sit around panting for longer, and they DO get skill points while panting, as they're still technically working out.

Tombstones: Reduced "Wealthy" requirement from 150000 to 25000 and "Poor" from 75000 to 5000. This means that when a sim dies with 25000 or more Happiness points, they get the special wealthy tombstone, and if it's more than 5,000 but less than 25,000, they get the normal tombstone, and if it is less than 5,000, they get the special poor tombstone. The requirements by default are waaaay too high. Sims just plain don't have that much happiness when they die. Mine don't, at least.

I have NEVER had a sim who didn't end up with the low, flat headstone. Now sims are more likely to get the standing one, and it's much easier to get this tall, fancy one.

Sims will be able to mourn a tombstone from a distance of "150". normally this is "8". I made it 100 so that sims will be crying for a loved one while puttering around near the stone, it makes it sadder. Sims will still route TO the stone when directed to mourn, if not in the same room/off the lot, but if in the same room, they no longer have to be close to it to get sad.

Conflicts with anything that also changes the "Urnstone" XML.

Stir Crazy: When a sim gets the Stir Crazy buff from being inside too long, they must go outside for FIVE hours for it to go away. Default is ONE. Conflicts with anything that also changes this same value.

Scooter: Scooter will now go half as fast, to allow for more scenery viewing while driving around in France. Conflicts with anything that also changes this same value. Applies to owned scooters as well as the ones you ride around on for free in france.

Faster Visa: Normally, rewards for Visa Points are 10, 15, 20, 35, and 50. I have changed this to 15, 25, 35, 55, 75. This allows you to still earn a visa, but at a much more reasonable rate. Conflicts with any mod that changes these or the amount of coins earned from adventures.

Mummy Snacks: Mummy snacks will now give 100 hunger to a mummy instead of 25. This means residential mummies- as in, yours- can, if you please, subsist entirely on mummy snacks very easily. Mummy snacks give a good meal buff- which means that opting to feed yours snacks instead of regular food can be a quick way to get their mood up before work or something :D Conflicts with any one of the hundreds of mods altering mummy snacks.

All files are in this one zip, delete those you don't want to use!


  1. Your Visa description confuses me. You call it 'Faster' but it seems slower. Which is it?

  2. ...You get more points, no matter what, every time you do an adventure that rewards visa points. I don't understand how that seems slower.

  3. Ah, I thought you were increasing the number of points one needed to earn in order to level.

  4. I've had sims who got the tall tombstone, even though they didn't have all those happiness points. I mean, I made sure to get their happiness as high as I could, but there were several times in my game play when the sims died with the bar being only a bit above half way filled. All I had to do with my sims was make sure they lived a fulfillings life, and they were automatically given the tall tombstone.

  5. hi :)
    is there anyway to make a mod so your sim doesn't have to achieve their lifetime wish to get a decent headstone?
    all my neighbours get rubbish ones because of their random, usually unachievable wants.

  6. Oooo more mods NO ONE ELSE thinks of! (That are undoubtedly awesome) Thanks Claeric! :D

    P.S. *stalks* o_o

  7. Unfortunately the mediafire link isn't opening the download for me. Can you check to make sure it's still working?