Monday, April 26, 2010

Little French Farm

It's a little farm in french-ish style. Cost is just under 20k, so it is a starter home (assuming you use a mod that raises the starting simoleons for a single sim to 20k, as lots do :p), but since it's got lots of'll make enough money to expand so fast that it might be better as a deco lot.

It's 30x30, and has 12 each of 4 types of french grapes as well as 9 Pomelo trees with room to expand your orchard. You could easily remove the wheat and expand back, or remove the hay bales area and expand leftwards, whatever! :D

Only CC required is the wheat, found here, by Aikea Guinea.


  1. A very nice "starter" home ;)
    Just doesn't look that French, but nice idea anyway :)

  2. Thee wheat dosen't show up in store! Help! I have been searching for another link to it all day. Is there a patch i need or where is it in store? Please help