Monday, April 26, 2010

Cleaner Bladder Failure. Nobody will want this. But just in case.

You never know!

Anyway, this is a tuning mod that makes bladder failure drop hygiene by 20 instead of a full 200. Why? Shower in a can is stupid and the only reason it exists is because you can't pee in tombs. So now you can wet your pants in tombs all you want without so big of a deal. Any normal person would just pee against the wall anyway, so I don't see it as cheating.

Plus I use Pescado's joke Incontinent trait sometimes and this makes it easier(yet still a bit of a pain) to have a sim who pees themselves all the time.



  1. You have no idea how much I love all of the items you make! I have not quit playing Wraithsand since I first downloaded it. I am using many of your goodies now & really enjoy each one. I wanted to post a comment & encourage you to continue making things for the game!

  2. Actually, this is VERY useful for me. I recently got Late Night and have a celebrity Sim that goes to exclusive venues, at which the non-celeb Sims will stand in front of the bouncer all night because they can't get in. Seriously, just stand there. Until they wet themselves. I don't even know.

    Well, at least now this should keep the "Disgusted" moodlet from happening every time, right? XD Thanks for this!