Friday, April 30, 2010

Sims Vacation for Sims 3: Ranger's Ranch Campground

Apologies, but my picture of the actual original lot is refusing to upload. So for now this is all you get. :p

Ranger's Ranch is a very basic little campground, but it's nice. I didn't replicate it exactly, but I did get the basics and the layout (I love the pond layout, and actually kept it blocky like in the sims 1).

It's so awesome to see these things in 3D.

30x30 lot, no CC (At least, it should be no CC. I don't know if those already-set-up tents will work or if they require a mod or something?).

Requires WA.


  1. Off-Topic:

    Claeric, WTF happened? My MTS account (Nesiroo) was banned because I was a "Duplicate of Claeric". Wow, I don't know what the hell happened, please help! I was planning to upload some simmies there, but some stupid asshole banned me for an absurd, false reason.


    I went and looked, it said "If you're going to be rude and snarky blah blah"

    Are they just banning anyone they think is rude and assuming they're me? That's total bullshit. You can probably still get into the IRC chat to complain, maybe?

  3. No, I do that in my head. :P

    But seriously, I only made two freaking posts at MTS.. and both weren't complaining and stuff like that, they were complimenting the effing creator. MTS is as stupid as hell sometimes, banning people for no reason.

  4. Nvm, I just realized what post got me banned, but I am still pissed. It wasn't even that rude, I was asking the creator to explain it better or whatever. Here's the post:

    "Sigh....I am seriously so stressed out with this world. It is amazing, I want to get my hands on it SO bad. But whenever I try to download this it will never work.

    I try to download it in parts, says I need the pack before it or the pack after it, and the same with the pack that was needed, like a neverending loop. I try to download the full version, when I open CAW it says (Cannot open packed file) Which I don't get because it is not packed at all. I try to download completed neighborhood, same neverending loop I get when I download the DIY. I try to get it from another website, link doesn't work.

    This is pushing me off the breaking point. Please respond, or do something to fix this bakafox. Please"

    I don't get it. Why would they think I'm you? I can see similarities between our posting styles (lol), but they have no reason to ban me because they thought I was you from a single post I made. Gah!