Saturday, May 1, 2010

How do I make a cloned object unique?

Trying to make my own wall art, but i dunno how to clone it to be my own unique non-replacing objects. And...I can't...figure it out ;-;


  1. For that you will need either TSR Workshop or s3oc (sims 3 object cloner). s3oc can be found at MTS I believe.

  2. In s3oc the item will be unique and non replacing automatically, if you don't change the settins.
    You can use same wavefront object to many meshes, scale them and so on.

    In tsrw you need to start new project every time you want to make a completely new object, if you use same project to do lets say 3 different sizes of same mesh, they will conflict to each other. you can use same wavefront obj. just remember to start new projects for each painting.

    Hope this wasn't too confusing, I am not the best in explaining stuff.

    This was all based to my own experience, someone else might disagree, or have other ways on doing unique objects.


  3. S3PE has just had an update to fix a bug in how it handled TGI editing, if you are using the s3oc/s3pe method of making wall art. You might also be interested in Cmomoney's tutorial here:

    It shows how to add multiple image options for one frame, although I've noticed that CASTing afterward seems to lower quality a bit.

    (I'm hoping the fact that the near-daily updates have stopped is because you are having fun making wall art or are on vacation, and not because you got sick or something.)