Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cute Boy Jack

This is Jack! He blunk when I took his picture.

Jack is a young guy who loves music and wants to be great at it, commanding grand symphonies.

He's brave.

He's artistic.

He's ambitious.

He's a hopeless romantic.

And he's lucky.

Plus he's cute in-game, too!

Jack is loosely loosely based on Rankin Bass' Jack Frost. He's just a cute blonde guy with a lot of dreams. :D

Jack uses this awesome hair/hat converted by Anubis and no other custom content, but he is made with slider enhancements(multipliers) and will require them if you edit him!

Give him a good home. :D


  1. That is sex on a sim right there. *shiver* Is there any possible way you are taking mod requests? if you are i would like one that you can put more than one face mask on. Because if i want freckles and contacts and beauty moles at the same time and stuff. Please and thanks. <3

  2. You can have freckles and contacts and moles at the same time, freckles can be on as many as you want, same with beauty marks. If you're using costume makeup beauty marks, request that whoever made them do them properly, as ACTUAL beauty marks- I'm pretty sure that's possible.

    It is not possible to set unlimited costume makeups as far as I know, but if you want contacts at the same time as other costume makeup, open the contacts with the CAS Unitool, and change the "Part Category" by unchecking "Costume Makeup" and checking "Glasses" or "gloves" or whatever. That way, they'll show up in accessories and count as whatever you checked, meaning you can have them and anything else.

    And yes, yes he is :D

  3. haha

    I'm hoping he gets posted on MS3B because I think people would like him a lot, unlike some other sims I've made.

  4. His eyes are just a tad too humgo for my taste. Might download and tweak him just a wee bit.

  5. I think his eyes are nice.

    (I just posted in the Finds at MTS about him.)

  6. he's freakin' ugly, mine's better