Thursday, April 8, 2010

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Happy Time Harry

Happy Time Harry, the pissed off, alcoholic doll with liver disease, comes complete with ACTION BILLS.


I have no idea where I got his slippers, sorry. I'm sure you have something similar in game already. He was made with Awesomemod's DisableClothingFilter config turned on, so his outfit is for all clothing categories. This SHOULD persist even in a download. Face was made with Awesomemod slider multipliers and Facial Sliders by Ahmad, which are necessary. He has a default replacement beard in these pictures.

Have fun. :D


  1. You got his slippers from Lili sims I think

  2. Oh my god no way XD This is too awesome!

  3. OMFG -- Happy Time Harry! Okay now THAT is a sim worth making...thank you so effing much...

  4. AWESOME!!!! FUNNIEST episode ever--everybody likes to jiggle! :D