Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fast Lane Stuff load screen Replacement

This is a simple replacement. If FAST LANE STUFF is installed, and no newer expansions/packs are installed, it will replace the load screen with the Base Game load screen.

If you want to replace it with any other pack's load screen, see this tutorial.

It's a really quick and easy process, but it's obnoxious for me to have to do it for every possible combination of installations.

ONLY USE if Fast Lane Stuff is the most recently released expansion/pack you have installed.


  1. You might add some instructions with it - I suppose it's safe to assume it goes in the Mods folder?

  2. Also, do the text strings get replaced?

  3. It goes in the mods folder. The text strings...Do, I think.

    Basically all I did was open the Sims base game information for the load screen, copy it all, and replaced the Fast Lane information with it. The result is that the game loads the resources it loads for the base game instead of the fast lane stuff. So I assume that yeah, they are loaded too.