Friday, September 10, 2010

Want a free Sims Game? MySims is the Taco Bell Kids Meal Toy.

Right now you can go to Taco bell and pay 2.99 for a taco, a bag of cinnamon twists, a small drink, and a copy of MySims in a cute paper sleeve!

MySims is a pretty fun game, it's basically Animal Crossing except instead of doing errands, you build furniture for people using little blocks, and "Essences" that you collect around town for coloring them or meeting demands. You also build the outside of the homes of everyone you let move into town, using much bigger blocks. Helping people unlocks Blueprints so you can make objects for your house with special functions, like a costume chest or a hot tub.

It's not very sim-like, but it's VERY cute, and it's a fun little game for a kid or somebody who doesn't mind playing obnoxiously cute repetitive The Sims.

I know this sounds like an advertisement, but really, I got the game for the Wii for 35 dollars- USED- so this is a great deal.


  1. Is it just a demo or the full game? And for what system? My mom likes Taco Bell. Dx the game looks cute, but I don't want to make a commitment for $35. :P

  2. Full game, for PC. I'm pretty sure if you can run Sims 3 even on lowest settings you can run it.