Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anachronistic Automobile Without Window Bars

The vintage car is awesome. I love it. It looks so ridiculous and exaggerated. But the windows looked stupid, so I removed the bars on them. Now the only problem with it is that your sim sits way too low in it- if you go to first person view, you can see that they literally can't see over the dash!

Original windows can be seen in the back. I was going to remove the bar on the windshield, but that looked ridiculous, so I left it.

ISSUES: I don't know if this is a fast lane issue or a TSRW issue, but the name won't change. I changed it and re-changed it, but it refuses to save. So the catalog name is the ObjectID string, not an actual name...which sucks. But hey, befriend the car enough and you can name it. ;D If anyone figures this out, I'll fix it.

Requires Fast Lane Stuff.


  1. Thanks! I don't own FL yet but I agree that it definitely looks better! :)

  2. Nice work! The name issue is something with the newer TSRW's. For some reason, cars have more problems as TSRW gets updates. I use TSRW RC2 for making my cars, and that fixes the issues I have with cars for the most part, including changing the name. I don't know if you're up to it, but I reinstall RC2 TSRW, change the name there, and then export the file. That seems to fix the problem most of the time.