Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bright Fantasy Contacts: Inspired by Kingdom Hearts

These eyes are loosely inspired by Sora's eyes in Kingdom Hearts. He has huge eyes with a dark-to-light top-to-bottom gradient, tiny pupils, and just two simple black circular lines kinda splotchy around the center.

I may tweak these further later, but for now I am quite satisfied.

The "grey" color is how they look when "white". The effect works better with lighter colors, otherwise it just looks like they have a single-color iris (which can look cool sometimes). They also look nice when all black, like in the fourth picture.

The little bright spot on the left side is part of the texture, not lighting. The brighter round spot is something in-game lighting makes appear on eyes. For some reason, girl eyes are flipped- if something is on the left, it seems to be on the right on a girl's right eye (see the 5th pic for an example).


  1. Hey~ I like these eyes !! Good work (^w^)
    Please make more Anime eyes, I love them !

    Thank you!

  2. Before traversing custom content sites looking for creators whose work YOU think you can critize - "inadequate CC" - I believe you ought to take a closer look at your own "leavings", Claeric:(

    Please quit acting like you're on top of the world; 'cause you're not.
    But when it comes down to it, I'm sure you are a nice person in real-life, with lots to give(a good friend). It's never too late apologize, which I think you owe to several, real-life, people.
    Have a nice sunday:)