Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miner Can Dig Up Lots of New Furniture: Beta Mod, Testers/Helpers needed

So. The miner has a chance of finding a piece of furniture blocking its way. But the furniture you can find is extremely limited.

So what I did was I went and added over 100 new items to the list of things it can find. What this means is that mining sims can now find a few of the cars, at least one bed, chair, loveseat, sofa, counter, sink (though there's 2 or 3 or 4 for these), a bunch of statues, a bunch of decorations, EVERY single rug, and one single plant, the dead tree.

So now you won't always find that stupid table lamp or stereo.

But I don't know how the game will react. I tested initially by making it so only a few cars could be found and it worked fine. The car names loaded, their thumbnails loaded, and they were properly placed into the family inventory. But I don't know if all of these objects will work! So I need people to test and report if they get any crashes while mining. Though that really should not happen, but I'm not taking chances and saying it absolutely isn't possible. :P

At the moment I have found one "Failure Object" which can be sold by clicking "Sell All", but does not cause the game to crash or anything. I will try and find out which object that could be. As long as I don't come across crashes and objects do load properly, I will be satisfied (obviously I'll try to remove the failure objects, but the main goal right now is to ensure it is a safe thing to alter and that it works.). I don't know what would cause a failure object, perhaps I have added an object that does not exist or put in a name improperly. It's pretty "lucky" that of all the possible objects, the third one I find is a broken one. :p

I have found the creepy tree and a Used Car so far with no issue.

Requires WORLD ADVENTURES and AMBITIONS. Lots of the findable objects are egyptian since they also happen to look old. There are a few asian and french things as well, and nectar objects.


  1. I read the list of new items added and HighChair is spelled "HichChair". Perhaps that's the failure object you say.

  2. Ah, I missed that one. File has been updated :O