Friday, July 16, 2010

Better Vacation Pricing and Emigration Mod

Vacation Pricing by default has a set price for each age and a price for each day of travel.

I wanted a travel mod that lets you stay for a LONG time (for living in vacation homes), but also that lets you just go for visits. But if I just changed the durations, pricing would be screwed (It would cost 150,000 dollars to "move" to France for 500 days).

So I changed all 3.

Travel Durations: 3, 5, 8, 10, 500
Cost Of Traveling Per Age: 750, 1500, 3000, 3000, 1500  (3x original values)
Cost Of Traveling Per Day: 10, 5, 7 (originals are 300, 100, 200)

This way travel is still expensive (tickets and hotels), but traveling to LIVE (for 500 days) is reasonable. It's a nice middle ground.

1 Adult to France for 5 days would be 3500. 1 Adult to France for 500 days would be 8,000. 
1 Adult and 1 teen to France for 5 days would be 6000. 1 Adult and 1 teen to France for 500 days would be 9,500.

(These prices assume the Per Day price is for the whole group, not individuals. I forgot to check that.)

So the "Traveling Per Day" price can be taken as more of a "luggage shipping and ameneties" price, and when going for 500 days, it creates the artificial cost of rent and necessary documents for "moving" to another country. Sound reasonable?

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