Sunday, June 20, 2010

Standalone Science Fountain

All this time and I don't even know if Standalone is a word, or if it's supposed to be two. Whatever.

This is the science fountain, but without the base. Unlike the others, which show up in Statues if you have the latest patch, this one is found in Misc. Deco. Since it wasn't a deco object to begin with (It's hidden), it couldn't automatically jump over to statues.

Same as before, moveobjects to place. This one floats up in the air a bit like the waterfall fountain, too, but it sits quite a bit higher. You might want to use ConstrainFloorElevation after placing it to make a little platform for it, as shown in picture 3.

You could probably stick some outdoor light of some sort where the water spouts out to makeit look more realistic, I guess.

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