Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twinbrook Competitive Swimming Center

The Twinbrook pool had a cute marking along the bottom of it implying it was used for competitive swimming, so I redid it a bit to be more of a...well, competitive place. Instead of just a community pool.


It now has stands for viewing, a...thingy-doo for competitive swimmers to line up on(though they cannot get in the pool from it), a slightly more decorated facade, a gate system for ticketed events, two outdoor showers (complete with fog emitter, because the water heater just happens to be busted, plus it looks cool when showering), though the indoor showers are still there.

Same size as the original, requires Ambitions and these.


  1. How did you get your sims to all shower at the same time without them complaining about the privacy situation, and attempting to shoo the other sims out of the area; or did you cheat and move the showers for the shot?

  2. I don't think sims have privacy issues with showers, since they're closed off from other sims. These just have an invisible set of walls, so they still think they're closed in.

  3. A thingy-doo? Like a starter's block? ;oP

  4. Still my must-have favourite pool lot. Thanks for this!