Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's an extremely ingenious name.

This is Plink. After the events of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Link got a fairy for some reason, and also he got teleported into the future because CRAZY MAGIC. Someone pointed out that his hair is pink (due to wonky color restraints, Link's hair in LTTP is indeed pink.), and the eccentric, metrosexual side of him EXPLODED with glee at this revalation. So he got some glasses and styled his hair and got some stylish shoes and stuff. Also he had a pole dancing pole installed in his living room.

Plink uses the following CC:
-Hair by Anubis
-Navi by Anubis
-Emo Glasses by KittyKlan
-Shirt from The Store :\
-Pointed Ear Sliders

And he was made using awesomemod's 4x slider multiplier and PROBABLY these sliders, which you should have anyway because they are necessary for life itself.

He's got some traits and stuff, but those don't really matter. His personality is up to interpretation...I personally made him a courageous fireman who just happens to go around in stylish shoes, glasses, and sweaters.

As an added bonus, HE IS REALLY FUN TO TAKE PICTURES OF. And he goes so well with blue and green.

(Sorry, I had to)


  1. Haha, this guy is AWESOME :-D lol, sounds fun!

  2. i would like him if he didnt wear so much PINK. but im guessing thats the point?

  3. Well, that's what CAST is for.

  4. oh yeah oh yeah, i get it now

  5. he looks great ! thanks for sharing him

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