Monday, June 14, 2010

Testers Wanted: Ice Hotel

I need to know if the ice stays between games. This is the Laundromat lot from ambitions, I'm turning it into an ice hotel.

Basically I just need someone to install it and tell me if the items retain their ice-sculpture-ness. You WILL need Ambitions. A couple objects are from WA but you don't *need* it.


  1. Just loaded it up. Some if it worked, some didn't. Specifically, 4 windows, (two are on the bottom floor, two on the second) and one locker. Everything else seems to have transferred, for me at least.

  2. Yeah, after reloading the game I had a couple un-iced windows and one un-iced locker. Tested for a bit and it didn't seem to be "melting", it was just a weird glitch, which sucks because there's no telling how many objects would get reset in such a situation.

  3. i had the same outcome, the windows and locker that is.