Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First object mesh, I think: Little Modern Chair

This has probably been done before. I searched and searched and didn't find it, though. It's a little companion to the tall "Modern" (retro) chair.

The only problem is, it squishes the texture for the top part and I don't know how to make that not happen (UV maps are apparently the bane of my existence), but this IS my first object, so cut me some slack!

Vertical stuff is ok, though.



  1. Great idea, tables always look better with bigger chairs at each end. Now if you like stretching things :) see if you can solve the bed problem thats caused with the sim height adjustment. When I make my male sims taller, their heads go right through the headboard into the wall ! Its only with interactions, seems to be ok when sleeping. :)

  2. Thank you I can finally use this chair. The high back just looked odd. Now it looks good!

  3. I saw this in a screenshot a long time ago and have been looking everywhere for it, posting WCIFs here and there to no avail. So happy I finally found it!!!! :D