Monday, May 17, 2010

The Stripper Project

Will probably be given up on shortly.


1. I suck at making my own textures from scratch
2. Sims 1 textures are too small to re-use and they get all blurry and lame


  1. Don't give up. You'll get it right. Sounds intriguing.

  2. What're you trying to make, sparkley pants?

  3. Attempting to bring back Chip the Dancer's outfit from The Sims House Party.

  4. Didn't someone post those for Sims 2 a long time ago? Although the site may be gone now.

    But I thought I remembered the male stripper, the female stripper, and the flamingo girls being available in the Sims 2 until they got lost when we were tracking down a bad download and I forgot to put them back in.

  5. I can halps maybe?
    As far as texture work, yes, but not as far as extracting whatever from whatever.

    You might be able to get the right reflectivity if you really want it.

    -SkankBenSkank (@MTS and @TheSimSupply)

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