Friday, May 21, 2010

More Benefits to Windmill, Solar Panels, and Twizy


Windmill: 10% bill reduction. 20% if upgraded. 5 windmills will contribute to bill reduction, at max, meaning 5 un-upgraded windmills will drop your bills by 50% and 5 upgraded will mean no bills!

Twizy: The car now gives a 10% bill reduction. OPTIONALLY: It will also now go super mega fast and save a hell of a lot of time getting places, at the expense of only one sim being able to ride at a time. Do not follow your sim while driving because you'll get slowdown as the game rushes from one area to the next, instead watch from map view.

Solar Panels: 5% bill reduction, 10% if upgraded. Limit is 10, meaning 10 solar panels is a 50% reduction and 10 upgraded panels is a 10)% reduction.

I don't know for sure, but I think having over 100% bill reduction means you actually earn money. So that's cool!

Both files are in one rar, only use ONE!


  1. Do you know if this works with Generations?

  2. Thanks for the cool mod, will this be updated for Pets?